Discover Craft

Our tagline, "Discover Craft," encapsulates the essence of The Phoenix Taproom & Kitchen. It invites our guests to embark on a journey of exploration and enjoyment, celebrating the art of craft in every form. Here's what it means:

1. Craft Beverages: From our extensive self-pour tap wall featuring a diverse selection of local and regional craft beers, ciders, and wines to our meticulously crafted cocktails at the full bar, "Discover Craft" encourages our guests to experience and savor the unique flavors and innovative brews that define the craft beverage industry.

2. Craft Food: Our kitchen offers a menu of carefully curated culinary tapas, showcasing the artistry and passion behind every dish. Made with high-quality, fresh ingredients, our food offerings range from gourmet tapas to healthy bites, each plate a testament to the craft of cooking.

3. Craft Experience: Beyond food and drink, "Discover Craft" embodies the entire experience at The Phoenix Taproom & Kitchen. From the ambiance of our beautifully designed riverside patio to the warmth and expertise of our staff, every aspect of our establishment is crafted to create memorable moments for our guests.

4. Community and Connection: "Discover Craft" also speaks to the sense of community and connection we foster. By hosting events, engaging with local artisans, and being a welcoming space for all, we celebrate the craft of building relationships and making our taproom a cornerstone of the community.

In essence, "Discover Craft" is an invitation to indulge in the thoughtfully curated and crafted experiences that await at The Phoenix Taproom & Kitchen, where every visit is a new discovery.